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Falling is... good?

One truth that many climbers have always had a hard time to accept is that falling is good.

Yes.. Falling - will get you better, farther, faster!

First thing to accept is that as climbers we all will fall a lot! probably like 95% of the time. but...


All we need to do is to change our perspective about it...

• Ask WHY - why did I fall? Commitment? Movement and technique? Strength? Endurance? These questions will provide information that might help you understand how to become a better climber, both short term and long term.

• Ask WHERE - where did I fall? Where were my hands? my feet? Sometimes we are not paying attention to our body position before we fall, and that might cause us to repeat the same mistake.

• Ask HOW - how did I fall? Was it my hand that slipped first or was it my feet? Maybe it was my hip moving away from the wall first? In which direction was I falling? The answers to all of these questions will provide valuable information on how to move smarter!

In order to ask these questions we must accept falling with a smile, be happy when you fall - embrace the opportunity to learn and evolve...

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