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Worldwide Online Coaching

Who am I?

My name is Roei Palgi, in my late twenties and based in Tel Aviv Israel.  I am a climbing coach, ninja warrior and strength coach, and a current physical therapy student.

I have been coaching elite youth climbing teams for the past four years, as well as personal train athletes from various movement worlds: Bouldering, Lead, Speed as well as Ninja Warrior and strength.

I am particularly interested in movement and have therefore focused my efforts on studying the world of movement together with the world of strength science and applications from the perspective of researches and evidence-based knowledge.

My vision

Help climbers reach their goals using my knowledge and experience in both fields of movement and training. 


How does training work long distance? 

The first step is completing an online interview/survey, which you can check out here


Our journey begins together with several meetings using Zoom/Google meet. In these meetings, I will get to know you better – your schedule,  history in climbing training, injuries, goals and much more. Getting a complete picture of each client and building a solid rapport is integral to my coaching process and makes for a comfortable working relationship and better results. 


For strength assessments - I will ask you to perform specific tests so I can know your physical abilities better and get a full perspective of your starting-off point.  


For movement – I would ask you to shoot videos of various route grades and boulders so I can estimate your understanding and application of technique.

IFSC European Youth Championship, Brixen

What will the training program look like?

The program will be detailed and personal for each trainee. All reps sets, rest and exercises will be laid out with specific instructions. Many videos will be added so you can see how to perform each exercise correctly.


All training material will be sent via mail and uploaded to google sheets so I can track your progress!


What if I don’t understand something?

I am here for any assistance you might need along the way! Communication is a key component in the relationship between an athlete and a coach. You can contact me anytime using whatsapp, mail or we can set video calls as needed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for questions, inquiries, explanations, clarification etc.!  


How will I know if I improve?

Every 6 weeks we will perform strength and movement testing and videos once again! :)


More questions?

Contact me 😊


Whatsapp: +972507721477

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