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3 Tips for better footwork!

Climbers often tend to overlook the importance of proper footwork as a factor of their climbing ability and usually prefer to think themselves as “not strong enough”, when the reality is that many of us are TOO STRONG.

As I see it from my experience with my clients over the years, many climbers have the ability to progress rapidly by improving their technique more than their strength!

Today I’ll share with you 3 basic footwork tips that may help you improve your climbing:

1. Try using the point of your shoe while climbing (where the tip of your big toe is).

Why? for 3 main reasons:

a. This way you will be able to produce higher force using your feet thanks to your calf muscles.

b. Being able to rotate your foot on the foot hold will increase your movement options so you will be able to position your feet hip and knees as you desire to make your next move more efficient.

c. Switching feet will be smoother and easier!

2. Your accuracy may sometimes determine if you will fall or succeed. To ensure correct foot placement LOOK at the target foot hold until your foot reaches it! Also, in order to place your feet on tiny edges you can’t rely only on your memory :)

3. LISTENING to your footwork may teach you a lot! Try using your foot as quiet as possible making sure you are touching each foot hold softly and with out making noise. Placing your feet quietly and softly will ensure that you are paying attention to your feet!

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